Tsunagi Onsen has been in use in Iwate Prefecture since the late Heian Period (794-1185). With a pH 9.1, it sulfur-rich water is particularly beneficial to people whose skin has a predisposition to allergies or other skin conditions.

Open-air bath

Soak in the open-air hot bath and let your body warm to the core while watching the seasonal changes of the mountain beyond our back yard.

Abundant spring water with healing properties

The sulfur in our spring’s alkaline hot water will rejuvenate your whole body – it is particularly good for removing the dead keratin cells from the skin, making it soft and supple.

Large public bath

Enjoy your bath while taking in the view of our courtyard and garden.

Origins of the Tsunagi Onsen

About 900 years ago, when samurai chief Minamoto no Yoshiie fought in the siege of Kuriyagawa, he discovered a hot spring in the spot where his camp was set up. That spot is at the southern side of the foot of the mountain where present-day Tsunagi Onsen sits. The water in Tsunagi Onsen is considered among the best when it comes to treatment of the skin. Its alkaline nature and the sillicic acid and sulfur contents act as natural moisturizers and make the skin smooth and silky.